Top 5 Tips for Starting a Family Entertainment Center |

People with big dreams usually get them from a point in time when two events collide-often a bad experience followed quickly by a realization of a solution. Many family entertainment centers, as example started with a bad experience at the local fun center, followed by the thought “I bet I could run a better center than this.” With that thought, another entrepreneur is born!If this is your story, you’re definitely not alone. Likely there are a few other motivators to your story:
A 9-5 job that no longer challenges you
A desire to do something positive for your family and your community
A wish to have a career that brings you closer to your family
An entrepreneur’s need to create something with their own hands-something in which they and their family believes
But once you have that vision, and the initial adrenalin-pumping enthusiasm fades, many new entrepreneurs think “Okay, where do I start?”Here are some tips to point you in the right direction, along with links to the resources that will get you much closer to your family entertainment center’s grand opening. 1) Get some numbersPlanning your business starts with finding numbers. How many families are in the community you want to open your family entertainment business in? How many competitors are already there? How much business do they get during weekends? What is the age group of children you want to focus on? Also, what is the approximate age group of those children’s parents? Your local Chamber of Commerce as well as your Small Business Association office should be able to help you with some of the demographic research. Also, the U.S. Census Bureau has many tools to help you uncover these important numbers. 2) Get a planA business plan is vital for two reasons; it’s imperative you have a blueprint to follow for (1) setting up your business (could take six months to a year) and (2) running your business (definitely plan your first year, and consider going as far as forecasting to year three.) There are many business plans out there, but luckily there are some products that are custom-tailored to the family entertainment industry. You can find them by searching specifically for family fun center business plans. If you buy one of these targeted fun center business plans, make sure it includes family entertainment industry trends, sample revenue and income statements, as well as spreadsheets with pre-written formulas-this means all you have to do is enter your numbers and the spreadsheets do all the intricate calculations. 3) Get a locationWe don’t mean buy some land, but you should source some ideal locations and get a feel for what you’ll be facing as a month-to-month leasing cost. You can search yourself on commercial real estate websites in your area, or (think of your target audience, traffic flow, popular parts of town OR low-rate lease space not too far out-of-town. consider spaces of 5,000 to 8,000 sq. ft. for a small to medium family entertainment center business. If your business plan included a spreadsheet into which you can plug in monthly leasing costs, go there and do so. 4) Get fundingOnce you’re business plan is complete, it’s time to practice your pitch and then set up some meetings with financiers or investors. Which one you choose depends on whether you want funding in loan form, or a business partner that invests money and owns part of the business. Your pitch should include a five-minute overview wherein you describe your business and why it will be successful. To describe success you should touch on how it’s different from existing competition, why this will attract your target audience, and projected revenue for year one and profitability for years 2-3. Next you’ll take your financier or investor through the business plan. You won’t read the plan, you’ll summarize the sections as you page through. You want to emphasize how you’ll manage the business, how you’ll attract guests, when you’ll break even, how you’ll repay the loan (or when you’ll start to show return on investment) and what your 5-year goal is. Of course, you’ll want to practice this at least five times with friends and family members. Knowing your business idea inside and out will give you confidence, and this matters to anyone who’s considering funding your business. Again, there are services available online that will help you draft a specialized family entertainment center business plan, as well as mentor you to help you complete it-right up to reviewing the final plan and coaching you on how to present it. 5) Get goingNow that you have your funding, you can focus on putting your business plan into action. This will include proceeding with securing your lease, leasehold improvements, fun center name registration, business registration, branding, employee manuals…it may seem overwhelming, but there are great guidebooks online that focus on helping you write, present and execute your family entertainment center business plan.* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *Starting a business is exciting and scary at the same time. It’s a never-ending journey that is its own rewards. It’s sometimes lonely, sometimes surrounded by a crowd, but it will take you to keep pushing until you can realize your dream. As Napoleon Hill said, “Effort only fully releases its reward after a person refuses to quit.” So never give up on your family entertainment center dream!

5 Crazy Entertainment Applications for Your iPhone |

Apple’s iPhone can always keep you entertained. There are plenty of applications in AppStore’s entertainment category that can get you out of absolute boredom and can keep your mood up and running. Further, after Apple has finally raised the curtains from iPhone 5, this category is going to get heaped up with apps as people would be inclined to get more and more of them. In the meanwhile, if you’re looking for some quirky apps that will keep the fun and amusement on for you, then here are five of them.FaceGoo Lite
If you love to make faces, then FaceGoo Lite is just your kind of application. In this app, you can pinch, stretch and twist your photos and make it as crazy and funny as possible. You can make your friends look silly, or you can contort the faces of your foes to make them look fat and idiotic. Upgrade to the full version of the app to save screenshots and upload those crazy funny faces on Facebook. You just need to choose picture from the Photo Library, and use your fingers to twist, punch and push the face.StumbleUpon!
This app is meant for those people who never get tired of exploring and discovering new things, and when it comes to exploring and discovering, then nothing can provide them more fun than this one. With just a tap on the “Stumble!” button, StumbleUpon! Presents you with heaps of photos, videos and interesting web pages on iPhone’s touch screen. You can pick from 500 different interests, and it instantly recommends you with pages that have amazing stuffs. Also, your mobile account gets automatically synced with your web account; so now, you can start exploring anytime you want.Spray Can
Spray Can is bliss to all those people who love to show their artistic side in extraordinary ways. Download this app in your iPhone, and join the biggest art community on iOS that has approximately 5 million users. It has an extremely creative and easy-to-use paint mode and an online gallery where users can publish their arts and rate and comment on other users’ tags. If your art is good enough, then you can build your own fan base and can become famous.SimSimi
This one came as good news to all those chatter boxes who love to keep themselves entertained with non-stop chatting and gossips. SimSimi is a cute, advanced chatting robot that can make amusing conversation to keep you away from boredom. To initiate the conversation, just start a talk session at the touch screen, and SimSimi instantly greets you. You can even teach new words to SimSimi and grow her vocabulary with your input. At first go, this may seem to be a kid’s game, but as you get used to talking to the cute chatting robot, you’ll find that it can amuse any person regardless of age.Ghost Radar®: CLASSIC
So, if you love to get entertained with spooky experiences, then Ghost Radar® can help you. This app has been designed to detect paranormal activity, and for this task, it has been equipped with various sensors. However, Ghost Radar® is different from other traditional paranormal equipment because it analyzes the sensors’ readings only when it gets interesting patterns. It also has a voice to let you know when it detects interesting words.All the five applications mentioned above are peculiar, but entertaining. The surprising thing is though AppStore provides users with lots of peculiar apps for fun and enjoyment, the fever of entertainment apps development for iPhone never seems to go. Well, one big reason for this might be that there are lots of people who have got crazier ideas for entertainment apps.

Tips to Hiring Professional Children Entertainers |

When planning a party for your child there always seems to be a thousand things that you need to do to get everything set up and ready to run smoothly. This is why all of the party experts say that you should plan accordingly. The first thing you need to do is find a theme for your party and then everything else will fall in line. Is your child interested in magicians or clowns? What about Harry Potter? There are endless themes that you can go with, you will just need to find a theme that will make your child’s party a magical day! Will you add in props such as a bouncy house or a pony? Will you have a color theme? Will all of your child’s friends be in costume as their favorite characters or not? Now it is time to choose your kids entertainers which should fit into the party theme that you decided on. Here we will give you the top five tips to hiring professional children Entertainers.Tip One:When you make contact with the different types of kid’s entertainers you should ask if they have previous experience and if they can give you references. If they have no references you should be very cautious of this company.Tip Two:Do they offer age appropriate venues such as child to teen? Are the games and activities appropriate for all ages? You do not want teen items at a toddler party.Tip Three:What does their performance entail? What activities do they offer? How will they help make this party a huge success?Tip Four:Does the entertainment company do background checks on the kids entertainers that they hire, can they show you proof if you hire one of their entertainers? You cannot take any chances with your child’s safety.Tip Five:Does the company offer a money back guarantee? If you contact an entertainment company and they do not offer a guarantee you should cross them off your list. All of the reputable children entertainment companies offer a full satisfaction guarantee.A child’s party should be fun and by finding the best professional kids Entertainers you can make your kids party the talk of the town. All of your child’s friends will want to come to your child’s parties because they are the best. With the help of a reputable entertainment company and your efforts this party will be a magical experience.