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Some entertainment centers in Chiang Mai might be quite different from what’s expected by tourists who are completely unfamiliar with this indigenous playground. One entertainment complex, the Beer Bar Centre, can be found on a soi that’s an offshoot from Loi Kroh Road. On Moon Mang Road, it’s situated near the popular night bazaar. The complex consists of up to thirty bars and billiards lounges. It’s also home to the Loi Kroh Boxing Stadium.The national sport of Thailand is boxing and it’s evident in the number of boxing schools and stadiums. There are three muy thai boxing stadiums in Chiang Mai to keep all of the boxing fans happy. There are several matches held every week.There is an all-encompassing mix in the entertainment found on Loi Kroh Road in Chiang Mai. The Chiang Mai Entertainment Centre is similar in structure and purpose to the Bar Beer Centre. Over two dozen bars, pools and boxing bouts make this another entertainment hub in Chiang Mai.Also located on the Loi Kroh Road, the Life House takes rockers back to another time with recorded music by groups like the Grateful Dead. There is a live band on occasion. Impromptu jam sessions can be found at the Guitar Man. There is an extremely relaxed atmosphere in both of these clubs.On Huey Kaew Road, there’s a complex of clubbing venues and bars that are very popular with the locals. It’s known simply as the Sib Song Huey Kaew complex. Students frequent these clubs. It’s a great place to pick up on the true flavor of nightlife for the Thais. It’s also a place where you’ll find yourself warped in time as Disco is kept alive and well here.The Playhouse Complex in Chiang Mai is family entertainment. There is a buffet offered in Kinnaree Park. Dine while in the midst of waterfalls and mountains. After the buffet, enter the nearby theatre. There are two performances nightly of a show called Sequins & Dance. Thirty professional dancers display a variety of styles.It’s a glitzy, shimmering show that’s definitely worth attending. The dancers truly are mesmerizing, dramatic performers. They are known for dancing with deep expressions that leave a memorable impression. Whether preferring traditional dance or modern, the movements define artistry in motion.Chiang Mai has plenty of diversity in its entertainment. Regardless of age or travel budget, there are lots of options available. There is such variety that there’s no room for boredom. Entertainment centers in the city really do offer something for everyone.